Healthy, Happy Workplaces

Building accountability and high-performance
cultures for business success.

Backed by Evidence

Our services and programs are tailor-made for you and supported by multi-disciplinary research, theory and practice. We make it easy for you and your team to reduce conflict and boost performance.

The Difference

We’re passionate about bringing out the best in individuals and teams through executive and team coaching, team profiling, culture change, workplace wellbeing, facilitation and leadership development programs.


Our clients reap the benefits at individual, team and organisation level of team engagement, respectful and collaborative environments and heightened morale. Make your workplace a happy, healthy and productive place to be.

Our Clients

“Anne is a brilliant facilitator, coach and trusted advisor with deep expertise in understanding people, what drives us and how to best use our strengths in personal and business contexts. I highly recommend Anne for her fresh, honest and practical approach to building high performing teams.”

Melanie Marshall, Senior Service Design and Organisational Change Consultant

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